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The Ningaloo Reef stretches some 260km along Western Australia's North-West coast. It is the world's largest fringing reef and is still in near pristine condition. Bordered by semi-desert to the east its clear waters are home to a wealth of marine life. Fish, corals and large marine creatures such as Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and Turtles abound

Five sites along the Ningaloo Reef tract have been drawn underwater in detail and the life on and around each site thoroughly surveyed, identified and photographed. The information gathered is being used in conjunction with the drawings to create a series of five panoramic paintings of the underwater marvels of Ningaloo Reef, showing all the richness, complexity and diversity of the marine ecosystems found there. These magnificent paintings will stand as a scientific record, in a form immediately approachable and comprehensible by the general public and as a stunning tribute to the unique Ningaloo Reef ecosystem.

Each year Roger returns to Ningaloo, working from a tent studio,to monitor the sites, observing changes to the fauna over time and making a photomosaic of each site. Gradually an overall picture of the evolution of the reef over time is emerging. Ningaloo has also provided a wealth of other material for his illustration work on fish, corals and crustaceans.


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