Red Sea Reef Documentary

Red Sea Reef

In 1995 Roger was able to realise a project which he had been developing for several years- to portray his marine life subjects from life by drawing the reef underwater on SCUBA gear. The opportunity came when, as the subject of a 30 minute documentary by Segment Productions, he travelled to Yemen and Antufash Island in the southern Red Sea.

The first of many subsequent underwater studies

It was here that Roger developed the techniques and materials that he has employed ever since. Over 6 days, underwater from 6-8 hours per day he installed a grid of nylon cords in front of the reef and drew a large detailed portrait of the reef.

Paris studio

After piecing the drawings together in his Paris studio it was not until his return to Australia in 1996 that he was able to begin work on the painting.

Over the next two years he created a 2.5m x 1.5m richly detailed panorama of the reef which is now held by a private collector in Australia.

The documentary (Peintre sous la Mer) has been widely shown in Europe and around the world.