Visit a rainforest and it will take days before the wall of detail around you begins to resolve into recognisable patterns. People who live in such environments display what seems a miraculous ability to pinpoint individual animals and plants in this mass of detail but this is no different really than a city dweller being able to zero in on a small road sign driving down a busy urban street.


Rogers panoramic paintings

bring this intimacy with the natural world to an audience who cannot possible attain it otherwise. What at first view may be a straightforward underwater reef scene, rewards the patient viewer with layer upon layer of hidden life. There is great detail in his work but it has been organised to allow structure to shine through and the rhythms and relationships of life itself to materialise.

The large paintings are depictions of ecology itself and the time spent in their preparation

Weeks on end in the field observing a particular environment, is contained within them. Life size portraits of marine animals, fish and crustaceans are another passion- pure fascination with their beauty, form and function.

They are only possible when fresh specimens are available and Roger is lucky enough to have a long list of associates to provide them- scientists, anglers, professional fishermen and friends.