Public Art Projects

Roger has produced two major artworks for public buildings under the WA Govt. Percent for Art scheme. In 1999 he created a 7.2m x 1.5m panorama of life on west coast limestone and coral reefs for the Endavour Primary School library.


As well as an inspirational depiction of the marine life of Western Australia.

the painting is also a parable for the passage of children through the years of primary school and took some 9 months to complete.

A collaborative project in 2004/05with friend and colleague Pascal Leclercq, the Hillarys project was the creation of a series of abstract panels for the new Fisheries Research and Education facility.

Planned in consultation with the architects of the building

they are conceived to be an integral part of the interior, evocative of central themes in Fisheries’ areas of operation.

The panels utilise layers of texture and a variety of pigments and techniques to create shifting relective surfaces, ever changing with the time of day and the angle of view. Changing position and sunlight reveals hidden details, standing back further another image is revealed.

They are the distillation of Rogers many years of familiarity with marine life and environments combined with Pascals experience working with pigments and techniques on a large scale. There are 6 main themes; Estuaries, Coastal Waters, Rocklobster, Finfish, Structure and Open Ocean and the panel series range in size from 4m x 2m up to 2m x 6m.