Artist of the Underwater World


Drawing on scuba underwater or in the studio, perched in a rainforest tree or braced against southern ocean swells on a research vessel. No matter his working environment Roger Swainston brings always to his artwork an attention to detail, a profound knowledge and understanding of his subjects and the consuming passion to portray them.

About Roger

One of the most recognised artists of the underwater world, Roger was raised in the Western Australian outback surrounded by wildlife. He has always drawn and painted the natural world and childhood visits to the remote south coast of WA were the catalyst for a lifelong fascination with the marine environment.

Original Paintings & Prints

ANIMA is an online Art Gallery and Image Bank presenting the work of Roger Swainston. Original Paintings, museum quality archival Prints produced in the ANIMA studio and Books produced by Roger Swainston

The ANIMA Image Bank offers more than 3000 digital images of Indo-Pacific Marine Life.


The science and art of Roger Swainston are inseparable and his quest for an understanding of the beauty and diversity of the Natural World, and the means to express it, have led to a variety of projects. In-depth studies of all the families of fishes, decades long observations of the reef systems of Ningaloo and many others.


As a scientist, artist and conservationist, Roger has travelled to some of the most remote and untouched regions of the planet. His participation in large-scale biodiversity surveys and his personal voyages over many years have provided him with remarkable insights into the state of our natural world.


Comprehensive updates on Roger’s Expeditions, Projects, and Arts